Collaborative Teamwork

Interprofessional Client-centred Collaborative Teamwork is a form of healthcare delivery that transforms the professional as expert to a shared involvement of the lived expertise of clients with the facilitated support from the professionals’ expert knowledge, skills and expertise to create a share plan of care.

Competencies for Interprofessional Client-Centred Collaborative Practice

There are several approaches that have been used to identify the competencies for this form of practice. This includes using a capability approach [add ref], a competency-based approach [add ref], or an integrative pedagogy approach [add ref]. The former two generally focus on the individual in the team and on the outcome of performance while the integrative pedagogy focuses on the team and the process of collaboration. Each has value in assessing for this form of practice. In my own program of research I advocate for the integrative pedagogy approach advocated by Roegiers [add ref]. In this approach it is the sum of all the knowledge, skills, expertise, values, and attitudes etc. that when combined in the teams development of a plan of care the focus is on the process of their decision making to reach a shared outcome. The integrative pedagogy approach is used in the Canadian Health Collaborative’s National Interprofessional Collaborative Competency Framework. The model is shown below.